Rose Bay House

Elegant and stately, this residence is situated in one of Sydney’s most historic suburbs, and responds intelligently and with unimpeachable style to a variety of historical design influences. Flooded in natural light, textural elements play with a refined monochromatic palette, offset by metallic design features. Such metallic accents are echoed by the home’s ligneous elements – the Otta engineered flooring with its dramatic pewter and aged copper undertones. Otta’s grey tonality is used throughout the various spaces as an element of seamless continuity.

Irradiating warmth, age and texture, the home’s flooring proved particularly versatile as an understated backdrop for residents to celebrate the full spectrum of their favourite design influences: from mid-century modern furnishings, art deco interior finishes, contemporary minimalism across all surfaces, and the integration of the home’s lush exterior spaces within.

With three children’s quarters, this home also includes a new master suite, guest wings, and informal and formal areas for gathering or entertaining on a grand scale. A truer example of living through design would be very hard to find.