North Bondi Residence

This North Bondi home unites the best in bold, graphic statements with pared-back minimalism to achieve an environment that is undeniably a modernist’s dream. Balancing small pockets of visual activity with vast expanses of white space breathes an atmosphere of airiness and ease throughout the property – a deft touch in the structure’s design intent that marries perfectly with generous the surrounding Bondi shoreline. Encapsulating contemporary simplicity, the end result is one that without question reflects the individuality and eclecticism of its owners. Perched high above the rocky foreshore of Bondi, the home sits in perfect harmony with its surroundings, yet also is able to keep the busyness and bustle of one of Sydney’s most popular suburbs from entering the home.


Throughout the space (whether in the home’s covetable library-cum-study or capacious bedrooms with enviable views of Sydney’s famed Bondi Beach) laidback luxury is the order of the day. Graphically, however, strong geometric motifs interact playfully with softened organic forms  – an aesthetic feat that is seen consistently throughout in Tobias and Partners’ desire to combine rich textural details including stone, plush carpet, glass and Precision Flooring’s European Oak in Chamoisee. Through interacting with complementary and contrasting material or textural variants, the entirety of the design scheme promotes slow, sensory dwelling to give occupants a much-needed retreat from their over-connected digital lives.


For similar projects built in close proximity to the ocean, a heightened degree of attention to required for special buildings allowances, chief amongst which includes the durability of materials used. With internal finishes requiring a high level of care or installation to withstand potentially harsh climatic conditions, future-proofing this truly modern interpretation of a beach house was top priority.