Hunters Hill House

2017 Shortlist Australian Interior Design Awards

2017 Finalist Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards

2017 House & Garden Top 50 Rooms

Recently taking home the top prizes in interior design for the residential environment, Hendelsmann + Khaw’s Hunters Hill House is a quietly glamorous home that celebrates the layering of organic materials. Drawing its design cues for Northern Europe, it is little wonder that this residential has turned quite so many heads – representing, for many, the future direction of residential design downunder. As our design sensibilities continue to be influenced by the global community, Hunters Hill Home stands for sensitive connoisseurship coupled with a highly developed aesthetic sensibility.

Whether New Nordic or contemporary minimalism, the home stands forth not through a riot of colour and activity but, rather, its absence. A material palette of aged metals, large slabs of marble filled with minute detail and a diverse selection of timbers, all adhere to a strict colour scheme of neutral tones. All the meanwhile, the entire structure becomes a textural wonderland, with the floorplan oriented around the concept that spaces are passively demarcated according to either dramatic or imperceptible changes in the landscape of textures: here stone demarcates ablutionary spaces, while rich timbers hint at the warmth required for communal entertaining areas.

One consistent element, however, forges a narrative of continuity that brings all spaces together into one consistent design resolution: Precision Flooring’s engineered Massivo oak. Finished in Ardesia, soft pewter tones mix with warm smokey notes, reflected differently according to the overriding main feature of each room. Through a system of contrasts – be it textural, tonal or even in form – the project stands out as an exemplar of slow living; beckoning its residents to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, and retreat into the awareness of the sensory elements of the environment that surrounds them.