Wharf Road, Birchgrove Residence

According to the design team who worked on this inspired project, the home encapsulates “laidback glamour in a tightly held peninsula enclave”. And we couldn’t agree more! This reimagined heritage property celebrates easy, stylish luxury from the largest of design features – such as its newly palatial kitchen – to the smallest of elements, like the fine shapeliness of bathroom fittings.

Throughout the property, a sense of joyfulness prevails. Stone interacts playfully with timber and glass features, and everywhere a monochromatic colour scheme provides a sense of unity to tie all spaces within the structure into a narrative of consistency. Essential furnishings and contemporary lighting design accentuate the inherent flexibility and ease of the space, while also providing a strong graphic quality throughout – seen especially in the rectilinear black window frames echoing the geometry of light fixtures.

Using Precision Flooring’s parquetry oak, finished in the Penza colour treatment, the home’s flooring provides a dynamic reinterpretation of the graphic theme.