What is the hardness rating of non solid timber flooring products?

Engineered flooring generally has a solid timber face lamella of approximately 4mm in thickness on the upper exposed surface, it is sold as this timber species and the hardness of the product relates to that species. As such the hardness categories that apply to solid timber also apply to engineered flooring.

What flooring preparation is required?

This depends on the type of sub floor. We will always aim for flat floor not exceeding 3mm in variance in a 3m radius. To achieve this, most floors require preparation such as concrete levelling, packing of batten frames or spot levelling.

Can I have under floor heating?

Yes, however careful considerations must be addressed such as the humidity and climate of your location and the flooring product.

If solid timber flooring is chosen then there are two considerations. Firstly, as a flooring product, its shrinkage or swelling to changing environmental conditions will be greater than other products such as engineered flooring. Due to this, narrower board widths are preferred. Secondly, under changing environmental conditions, stability is gained from thicker flooring and for this reason 19mm thick boards are less susceptible to warping and movement effects compared to thinner overlay material.

Suitable engineered timber flooring products are often thinner providing better heat transfer than 19mm thick solid timber flooring and due to their fabricated construction, they can provide greater stability than solid timber.

Do I have to have a gap for expansion?

Yes, Australian standards specify an expansion gap is mandatory. We offer solutions such as a skirting board, silicon detail or a timber bead.

Indoor/Outdoor transitions

There are many unique and aesthetic options when it comes to transitions. We pride ourselves on providing bespoke solutions that are both functional and beautiful.

Will my kitchen area wear down faster?

High traffic areas will require more regular maintenance. Depending on the finish, rebuilding the protective coating is a simple and effective process to keep your floors in top condition.

Will the colour change over time?

Wood is naturally photosensitive. Direct sunlight will cause marginal fading over time and timber in shade tends to darken. The degree of change will depend on the amount of UV light and the species of timber used.


Do I need to worry about sound/noise for the neighbours?

Yes, however, Strata laws vary greatly from state to state and bylaws (or rules) can be vastly different from building to building. Not only that, different kinds of floor covering have different sound insulation qualities and even flooring slabs on various levels of the same building can vary in thickness and density. For information regarding acoustic underlay’s please click here.

Can I have solid timber?

Yes, there are options when it comes to sound proofing for even solid timber flooring such as Regupol® 6010 17/8mm Acoustic Underlay. For more information please click here.


Do you adhere to slip resistance in accordance with ratings?

The slip rating is dependant on the product and the finish. We have many options available including high traffic areas, or a combination of both such as the Bona Traffic HD Anti-slip. This is formulated to meet the highest standards for slip resistance in commercial areas, staircases or other situations with an increased risk of spillage and slipping.

What if my project has high traffic?

When is comes to high traffic areas, drying time (or down time) is a big factor. We have options such as the Bona Traffic HD that allows full traffic 12 hours after application.

What is your fire rating?

All of the products we install have there own fire rating, however, you need to consider the installation method as well and all of its components. The true fire rating will come from a fire test of the complete system. We can arrange this for you at a cost.

Do you have spec sheets?

Yes, all our suppliers have provided us with spec sheets to meet your needs and are available on request.